Restyling Hotel Villa Maremonti

Restyling Hotel Villa Maremonti

Kind friends,

from April 23 2015 Hotel Villa Maremonti is ready to welcome its own guests in a renewed frame!

This winter Francesca Siciliano and her mother Paola Donati has undertaken an important project of restructuring that doesn’t skip some detail manufacturing an exclusive product in the tourist offer of the Versilia.

Idea was born from the demand to offer Hotel to the guests of this prestigious Boutique on the coast in Tuscany, an environment that recalls elegance and modernity keeping in mind of the tastes and the new tendencies of the international tourism.

Parquet for over 15 rooms of the Hotel, new notes of color and renewed complements of I furnish.

Every room is different and five of these are been embellished by exclusive details.

An intervention of restyling of the furnishes it has also been effected in the areas common of the hotel, giving a new light to all of its inside decorums and maintaining the noble lines of the Villa.

Without losing its unmistakable class the hotel introduces a renewed and contemporary image, always elegant and of charme.

A stylistic choice that Paola and Francesca have undertaken for the comfort of them own guests.

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