Форте деи Марми Чемпионат Мира Фейерверк

Форте деи Марми Чемпионат Мира Фейерверк

Форте деи Марми Чемпионат Мира Фейерверк:
Not the usual fireworks. Forte dei Marmi will host the World Championship of fireworks, Pyro Designer 2015, the largest fireworks competition in the world.

A challenge will be the best pyro international designers, from Australia (with Foti International Fireworks), the US (with Arthur Rozzi Pyrotechnics), France (with Arc en ciel) and of course from Italy will be represented by Telesforo Morsani Rieti, all ready to compete in the sky of Forte dei Marmi on the evenings of May 23, 6 and 20 June.

“The fireworks competition – says the managing director of tourism, Simone Tonini – will in practice be divided into three evenings and will be the most spectacular novelty of next summer. A jury will then choose the winner, who will be announced on the night of July 4 , basing its judgment solely on the scenic design and geometries that are usually used for the fireworks. The participants will in fact called to present their ideas and to paint beautiful paintings of color and fire in the night sky of Forte dei Marmi, giving birth to a race of luminous figures, in which the imagination, originality and the technique will have to find the right mix. A unique opportunity not to be missed and to admire the best of pyrotechnics, which will complement Forte dei Marmi in places like Cannes or Montreal, excellent organizers of this kind of festival. “

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